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Borja Cabada
Borja Cabada
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Borja Cabada is an illustrator, writer, and musician from Spain. He graduated from Universidad de Córdoba with a BA in English in 2009 as well as an MA in Publishing in 2011. He got his second MA in Writing and Publishing at DePaul University in Chicago as a Fulbright scholar in 2014. An avid reader and comic book lover, he first turned his attention to children’s literature back in 2009 with his thesis on Hollywood’s children’s books adaptations. His graduate years gave him the opportunity to then focus on more creative endeavors as an illustrator and writer—a path that he has continued on ever since. Over the years his artwork has been featured in several publications (Young Playwrights for Change Vol 1, Goreyesque, Flyleaf Journal, and Pocketful Illustration Magazine, to name a few). He has also worked in script development for some of the most successful studio execs in Los Angeles. Having just survived a battle with leukemia, he is more determined than ever to devote his life to his art and his writing.

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