Veronica Nagorny

Fall Fun

the work and its author

This duck had spent most of her summer indoors enjoying the convenience of the chill, but now that it was getting colder outside, she was ready to make the most of nature. On the first day of fall, the leaves had already turned their colors from greens to earthy orange and red tones and the ground was speckled with them. Stepping across the leaves created a pleasant crunch, crunch, crunch beneath her feet. She’d treated herself to a pumpkin-flavored coffee from a local shop in order to fully experience the new season. When she came across a large cluster of leaves inviting her to jump on top, she set her coffee down on a nearby fence and crunched to her heart’s delight. A little worm watched on as the duck giggled and crunched, and the splendor that is autumn absorbed itself into both of their hearts and made itself at home.

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