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Gail Butler
Gail Butler
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Gail Butler’s artistic interests and abilities have been a large part of who she is for most of her life. Starting with crayons and finger paints, she has evolved into an artist with a unique style completely her own.

Gail’s love for the natural world, combined with her sense of humor and appreciation of all that is magical and whimsical, are the driving forces behind her work. She often writes poetry to accompany her pieces, allowing the viewer a deeper look into the story behind the art. When a portrait is on the drawing board she enjoys giving her chosen subject their perfect moment, ‘casting’ them into the role of their dreams. In addition to the link above (Fine Art America) (and CWG Online!) you can view more of Gail’s work at artid.com.

The Call of the Wild
Simply Elemental
Woodland Sanctuary
The Breath of Spring