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John Wright is a Co-Founder of CWG and an architectural designer by profession; his other creative passions include poetry and songwriting.

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It has been my experience throughout my adult life that the deeper currents of the self-awareness that I seek, arise in the moments of listening.

In the quiet, words flow from my dreams.

In the quiet, I feel most alive.
Holy Communion

A Poem…

From where did this soft breeze, Queen Nature’s sweet breath
travel in silence across towns, woods and fields,
in gardens to flutter, green leaves once at rest,
and dwell in this moment, my freed spirit yields.

Unhurried my zephyr, this mid summer’s day.
Bright Cardinals, Goldfinches, and House Wrens will sing
as Swallowtails, Skippers and White Sulphurs play.
I contentedly muse, what this day may bring.

What worlds have you passed through, my sojourner fair?
Shakespearian hamlets and cities of steel,
streaming volcanoes and the North’s frigid air,
hot jungles, dry deserts, deep forests boreal?

Industrial centers, oil laden barges,
Great broad river deltas, vast prairies of grass,
Wild, windswept seashores and riverine gorges,
Squalid, poor ghettoes and cathedrals of glass.

You’ve wafted spring’s warmth, through Snake River’s canyons,
the Mongolian steppes, and Scotland’s high moors,
Lost Incan ruins and fertile crescent lands,
Andes’s bleak snow lines, Aleutian Island shores.

You’ve given life, to Monet’s languid gardens,
Swirled round the Carpathian, storm battered heights
Carried blazing heat, across Saharan sands
Lashed silent barrens, of endless Arctic ice.

Away carry me, to Earth’s farthest reaches
that I journey beside you ,whither you go.
Holy communion, my spirit beseeches.
The wide world of creation, this I would know.

You’ve seen kingdoms rise, their monarchs resplendent.
You’ve seen kingdoms crumble, their despots to fall.
You’ve carried fresh air, to freedom ascendant.
You’ve witnessed the humbling, of men one and all.

You’ve cradled the broken, suffering in silence.
You’ve cloaked the peace seekers, in refugee ships.
You’ve comforted children, through lost innocence.
You’ve blessed the pure hearted, with love on their lips.

You’ve whipped rebel flags, that poor people be free.
You’ve welcomed ships captains and masters of war.
You’ve carried the smoke, of their battles to sea.
You lift mushroom clouds, of their nuclear storms.

You’ve blessed weary pilgrims, their eyes cast above.
You’ve seen young troubled lives, strong faith has redeemed.
You’ve witnessed vile hatred, transformed by deep love.
You’ve known avarice, and charity’s pure seed.

Hours have passed by; I rest in the sunlight.
Through this beautiful day, my blithe spirit sings.
Each moment I savor, as Time takes its flight.
Eternity beckons, my mind takes its wing.

Sojourner now speak, that I might become wise.
Bequeath unto me, Life’s scriptural cables.
I lift my eyes upward, towards heavenly skies,
Denied I’ll not be, as long as I’m able.

I sit in my garden, this clear summer’s day,
awaiting some insight, your whispers may bring.
The strength of my longings, this soft breeze betrays,
To live full of passion, through Hope’s endless spring.