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Gretchen LaSalle is a part time Family Physician, full time mother and wife, and spare time writer. She lives with her husband and two sons in Spokane, Washington.

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Reading back through writings from years past, I stumbled upon the beginnings of a poem I started writing when my son, Jeremy, was two. I had only written part of it (life, and the joys and challenges of raising said two year old, must have gotten in the way). The “Terrible Twos” are commonly spoken of and we certainly had our challenges, but I also vividly remember all of the joys and discoveries of this age as well. I was finally able to complete the poem and am so happy to share it with you. Jeremy, now 12, initially did not want me to print this because he thought it would be embarrassing. He finally acquiesced and, I think, is secretly proud to have a poem dedicated to him. Now, on to pre-adolescence… a time in his life and mine that is sure to inspire a poem of its own some day!
I’m Two!

A Poem…

I’m two! I’m two!
Look-it, Mommy, what I can do.
I can build a tower 10 blocks high.
I can point out an airplane, high in the sky.

I love to read books, roll my trains on their tracks.
Though I haven’t quite figured out jumping jacks.
But a summersault or drop-sit, you bet I can do!
It’s amazing the things you can do when you’re two!

I love to help clean and keep the house neat.
I’m learning to use my new potty seat.
I can sing “Twinkle Twinkle” and my “ABCs”.
I always keep Band-Aids right here on my knees.

I’m usually giggly and smiling a lot.
I like to be happy, but sometimes I’m not.
Sometimes I’m cranky and I get really mad.
I want what I want and I want it so bad!

Sometimes I’m naughty. I yell and I shout.
I get put in the corner then try to get out.
I wiggle and squirm and fight my way free.
I’ll get in less trouble some day, you will see.

I ask lots of questions. I want to know why.
If I jump off the couch, why can’t I fly?
Why do fish swim? Why do birds sing?
Why can’t I hang upside down on this swing?

I’m rough and I’m tumble. I’m faster than fast.
I never stop running. I hate to be last.
I love to throw balls and hit with a bat.
I pretend I’m a pitcher in my baseball hat.

I go, go, go, go. I don’t like to stop.
I want to play more. I’ll play ‘till I drop.
And when the day ends and I must go to sleep,
I can put on my jammies and help brush my teeth.

When all books are read, I’ll rock in the chair.
I’ll snuggle up close… twirl a lock of your hair.

I’ll dream of all the great things I can be.
Imagine the fun we will have when I’m three!