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Nancy Sack
Nancy Sack
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Nancy Sack is an educator, a literacy volunteer, a writer, and a photographer. She has two books of poetry published, Musing along the Ike (contemporary adult) and Puppies and Poems (children). She presents Musing along the Ike in local high schools and in libraries. Nancy gives children’s presentations with her children’s book Puppies and Poems in elementary schools and in pre-schools. Currently, Nancy and her dog Ollie volunteer with the non-profit Sit Stay Read Program in Chicago. Please contact her on Facebook, or via email at nsack@comcast.net or via her website at www.nancysack.wordpress.com.

Nancy lives in a suburb of Chicago with her King Charles Cavalier, Ollie, and loves to take him to the city to spend time with young students and with her own adult children, Eddie and Maggie. She is looking for an agent to launch her Ollie picture book series.

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