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Patti Hutchison
Patti Hutchison
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Patti started writing while teaching special education at the high school level. She decided to take a classic short story and rewrite it at a level that would match her students’ reading abilities, and ended up writing it as a reader’s theater script. Knowing that there was a market for adaptations, she started to think about trying to get it published. Meanwhile, she was using an amazing website, edHelper.com, to download materials for her classes. One day, while reading their newsletter, she came upon a question: “Would you like to write for edHelper?” Yes! So Patti sent in a writing sample, and, as they say, “The rest is history.” Patti has been writing for edHelper for the past 8 years.

Patti’s writing interests are diverse. Nonfiction is her passion because there are so many topics to explore. She has published a few nonfiction articles for various children’s magazines before being published in “Highlights for Children.” Patti was proud to have her photo essay, “Sailing to a Glacier,” printed in their March, 2013 issue.

Patti’s goal as a writer is to write so that children will read. She believes if the writing is engaging, children will find a way to read it. Reading opens doors in ways the reader never thought were possible.

Patti loves writing, and is grateful to everyone who publishes what she writes. Patti considers writing the best job in the world–she can work at home in her pajamas and slippers, or on a train to Washington, DC. Traveling is another of Patti’s passions, and it is where she gets much of her inspiration. Patti’s husband likes to make her think she drags him along on her travels, but Patti knows he truly loves it, too. Together, they have seen some magnificent places and look forward to more adventures to come.

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