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RA Blesi
RA Blesi
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Meet Rick and Angela Blesi! Family is very important to the Blesi family. Rick and Angela have two adult sons, Matt and his wife Robin, and Spencer who’s married to Kelly and have a son named Beckett. Some days Rick loves to pretend he’s a gourmet cook and Angela enjoys being an oil-painting artist. But, together, they make a huge effort at being great grandparents to Beckett, their only grandchild!

Angela, Rick, and Beckett have spent many hours looking for tree trolls, chasing shadows across a playground, finding unique sticks that look like people, eating blue ice cream, and finding animal shapes in the clouds. All these activities are well-remembered by Beckett which brings lots of giggles and laughter when they get together. Being long-distance grandparents encouraged the Blesi’s to create a special way to help their grandson remember fun times they experienced when they were together.

Consequently, they created and wrote a new kind of children’s book that encourages an interactive reading experience with young children. These books re-create fun activities that grandkids experience with their grandparents, and use photo stickers of their faces so there’s always a visual memory connected to the experiences.

Rick and Angela have been very enthusiastic about sharing this different family concept outside their community. Following several articles in the North Oaks Living Magazine and White Bear Lake Magazine, Rick and Angela hope to share their creative books with other families, especially long-distance families. They tell people…” Sticking With Family® books are not just about reading a story to a child! Rather, each book is an incredible memory-making experience waiting to happen!”

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