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Summer Edward is the founder of Anansesem Caribbean children's literature ezine. Born and raised in Trinidad, she holds a Masters degree in Reading, Writing, Literacy from the University of Pennsylvania and is the recipient of the School of the Free Mind's Way of the Book Honor Award.

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This year marks the 400th year anniversary of the death of the world’s most revered writer. William Shakespeare’s enduring presence in our culture has given him a textual afterlife that seemingly knows no bounds. As a Caribbean writer who loves both Shakespeare and nursery rhymes, I thought it would be fun to write a nursery rhyme that plays with the question of “What if Shakespeare literally did come to the Caribbean?” So I did. All of the landmarks in the poem are actual places found in the island of Trinidad.
Shakespeare Goes to Trinidad

A Poem…

Shakespeare went to Trinidad
to eat some guava pie.
He sailed to San Fernando
and there he met a burro
who told him El Dorado
was just the town to try.

Shakespeare took a taxicab
but traffic was too slow.
He got out and inquired
of an oyster who inspired
him to think that broomstick
was the fastest way to go.

Shakespeare flew by broomstick
just as far as Claxton Bay.
He walked along the seashore
and never had he been more
inclined to simply sit back
and do nothing for a day.

Shakespeare soon forgot about
the task he had to do.
He hung out ’til November,
and when it was December
he took a catamaran ride
straight up to Waterloo.

Shakespeare met a Whimbrel
by the Temple in the Sea.
He offered it a mince pie;
the Whimbrel gave a long sigh
and said: “I prefer guava pies,
I like them best you see.”

Shakespeare said “Eureka!
Please forgive me, I must leave!
A guava pie sounds right!”;
said the Whimbrel: “A delight!
The best are made somewhere
in El Dorado I believe.”

Shakespeare went to Trinidad
to eat some guava pie,
and when he’d finally done it
he sat down on a bucket
and wrote a pie-ous sonnet
to tell the whole world why.