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Nina Pope holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Marquette University and a Masters in Elementary Education from the University of Illinois. She has worked with students and faculty from pre-school to college, and hopes she will always find herself in the education field.

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Sunsets and Snowy Dreams is a bedtime story for children in the early grades that provides a peaceful look at dream possibilities and the power of imagination. Inserting day-to-day, real-life family interaction into a story can create organic material. A memory taking the shape of words on a page is meaningful, and I hope that comes across to the reader. I also hope that my story encourages children to dream up their own dreams for the night and to wonder what's next for Libby, the main character. My six year-old daughter and I often find ourselves having similar conversations to the one in this story. She is my creative inspiration.
Sunsets and Snowy Dreams

Outside of Libby’s bedroom window, the stars are just beginning to twinkle. Libby puts on her pjs, and brushes her hair and teeth. She jumps into bed with a bounce and a yawn and asks her mom and dad, “What could I dream about tonight?”

Each evening, Libby and her parents dream up the most wonderful ideas.

Libby’s mom might say, “You could dream about watching a beautiful sunset – a sky filled with orange and pink. You feel the warmth on your skin as the sun slowly disappears. Now the moon peeks out between the clouds and the mountains and asks you to play a game of hide and seek.”

“Or, you could dream you’re on a sandy beach collecting the rarest seashells. You only place the finest shells on your award-winning sand castles. As you dig your toes deep into the cool mounds of sand, the sounds of the waves and seagulls create the beat of your favorite song.”

Sometimes her dad would say, “You could dream that you’re on a camping trip and roasting giant marshmallows by the fire. When your belly is full of sweetness, it’s time to cozy up in your tent with a book. You don’t need a flashlight though. The fireflies will light your way.”

“Or, you could dream about a snow day and you’re building a whole snow family. While you work, the snow is crunching loudly under your boots. In between all of the carrot noses and licorice smiles, you count how many snowflakes you can catch on your tongue. One, two, three four…”

Libby would share, “I could dream about the world’s greatest playground where I could climb and spin all day. There are friends all around me sliding and swinging, and laughing and cheering. When we get dizzy, we just spin the other way!”

“Or I could dream about running through a field of flowers. There’s all the colors of the rainbow. With a breeze on my face I can go for miles. I’ll only stop when I reach the puffiest cloud – the one that looks just like my pillow.”

In the morning, after a restful night’s sleep, sometimes Libby remembers her dreams and sometimes she does not.

Once a dream took her all the way to Saturn’s rings, and another to a bakery in the desert. It’s one adventure right after the other, as her dreams take her wherever she pleases.

Each night, when she sees the stars begin to twinkle, she wonders what will be next.