Gail Butler

The Call of the Wild

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The Call of the Wild
A Poem

The water splashes on the rocks,
With a gentle soothing beat,
It gurgles and it sparkles,
A cool relief from the summer heat.
The wind sings a joyous song,
Through the leaves of the trees,
Its whisper joins the gentle hum,
Of the bugs and buzzing bees.
Butterflies dance and float,
As does the hummingbird,
When trumpet flowers beckon,
With honey coated words.
The bobcat surveys her woodland scene,
With a careful eye,
Soon she spies the wily raccoon,
Who holds his cell phone high.
With a grumble of dismay,
The raccoon breathes a sigh,
“I can’t make a call right now”,
“I’m barely one bar high!”
Do you think he’s calling 911,
Or ordering pizza in?
The beeping of his cell phone,

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