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Veronica Nagorny
Veronica Nagorny
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Veronica Nagorny is an author and illustrator whose work spans across many genres of literature. A handful of her children’s books revolve around a duck-centric theme, but she has also published volumes of poetry as well as full-length novels. The full list of her works can be found on her website.

Veronica enjoys immersing herself in the poetic works of talented creators in her spare time, as well as taking creative photographs. An avid illustrator, sketcher, and doodler, there is not a single notebook that lasts long in Veronica’s home without becoming filled with characters and designs. Her passions include writing and illustrating (naturally), and she spends the majority of her time furthering her creative, artistic, and literary endeavors. She hopes that one day she will be able to focus on her books full-time, and would like to thank the Children’s Writer’s Guild for admitting her as a contributor.

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