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Heather Pallotta has worked as a full time professional artist since 1999. Her work with children’s literature uses playful language to nurture and encourage accompanied by her magical illustrations.

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Wishes and Kisses is a story intended for babies and children of all ages, emphasizing the significance of self-confidence and love. There is a gentle emphasis on creating a world through intentions and actions in which dreaming is encouraged in times of joy and in times of sorrow. Embracing personal uniqueness is a theme that reappears and presents endless opportunities for parents to instill their love and treasury in the soul of a child. I have two more manuscripts and the illustrations in progress which will build upon the world created in Wishes and Kisses.
Wishes and Kisses

You are made up of moonbeams and sunshine and love,

the light from twinkling stars above.

You are wishes and kisses,

lightning bug sparkles and rainbow drop dew.

All the lady bugs nod and agree in the breeze,

that the gleam in your eye, your giggle and your coo,

all make you my love, so perfectly you!

And while some days you might feel silly, wiggly and warm,

Other days might feel dreary and blue. A little bit down or just not like you.

But fly high, little bird, with a song on your wing.

Let your wishes take flight. Send them high up to the moon and out to the stars.

You are my love bug, my snuggle bunny, my twinkling light.

My heart is aglow like the setting sun.

For you, little baby, my bumbling bee.

And the magical, mystical world that you make for me.