Idea to Story
Finding an idea is at most half the battle. The more important question is, “What do I do with my idea?” by Chris Eboch
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The Joy of Donating from the Heart

Deidre Lane

Volunteering my artistic talent and works to people, places, hospitals, and daycares in need of children’s art has opened part of my heart that I didn’t know existed. Every little bit does help those who are looking for a little bit of help.
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Hello YOU! with Kristen: An Interview with Award-Winning Author Pete Hautman

Join us for an interview with celebrated and prolific author Pete Hautman!

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Celebrating "Yester-Times"

Our authors share their artistic journey - combining stickers and picture books to create a unique interactive experience between adults and young children.

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Why Frogs Cry In the Rain: A Korean Folktale
A retelling of a classic Korean folktale that teaches children to mind their parents. more stories & poetry »
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Gem & Dixie book cover
young adult
Gem & Dixie written by Sara Zarr

Two sisters. Gem, the older, has always taken care of Dixie, because their mother is not much of a mother. And their father has been gone for years. Now that they’re in high school, things are changing. First off, Dixie has become the seemingly savvy one and Gem is lost. But a road trip helps Gem figure it out.

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Ivana Beschreiben edits "The Tardy Horseman"

COMING SOON! CWG Online will be featuring edits of reader-submitted manuscripts! This article (and the other examples) provides a demonstration of how our online edits will work. Our editors' comments on manuscripts can be toggled on and off at the appropriate point in the manuscript, and a full legend of editing symbols is available for basic changes. Take a preview, and perhaps submit a manuscript of your own!

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Highlights Magazine

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The Horn Book

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New York Writers Coalition

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Stone Soup Magazine

Children are demanding. They are the most attentive, curious, eager, observant, sensitive, quick, and generally congenial readers on earth. They accept, almost without question, anything you present them with, as long as it is presented honestly, fearlessly, and clearly.

E.B. White