If I Was Your Girl
young adult
If I Was Your Girl written by Meredith Russo

Amanda keeps a huge secret that endangers her life—she used to be Andrew. She was born a boy and has transitioned to being a girl. She needs a fresh start so she moves from Georgia to Tennessee to live with her father—but it’s still in the South. If that’s not dangerous enough, a football player, Grant, at her new school is falling in love with her—and she with him. How will her secret be revealed?

Time For Bed With Ford And Red
picture book
Time For Bed With Ford And Red written by Jacqueline Leigh | illustrated by Mackenzie Fink

How can a bedtime tale be soothing, fun, and exciting all at the same time? Jacqueline Leigh pulls it off in her beautifully crafted debut picture book, Time for Bed with Ford and Red.

The Bitter Side of Sweet
young adult
The Bitter Side of Sweet written by Tara Sullivan

Where does your chocolate come from? Where do the cacao pods grow? Who harvests it, ferments it, transports it? Why is there “fair trade” cacao? This suspenseful story about young people from Mali and Ivory Coast—teens who are kidnapped into slavery explains a lot and might change what chocolate you do eat.

Exit, Pursued by a Bear
young adult
Exit, Pursued by a Bear written by E.K. Johnston

Hermione is raped, but she won’t be a victim. She doesn’t want people looking at her thinking, Oh, that poor girl. She isn’t going to let this stop her from finishing school—but this year, her senior year, was supposed to be her best ever. She’s co-captain of the cheerleading squad along with her best friend Polly, who is a dream-of-a best friend. Thank heavens.

From Ant to Eagle
young adult
From Ant to Eagle written by Alex Lyttle

How Calvin handles a move to the country, an annoying little brother who gets very sick, a new friend who won’t talk about her mother and all the other things an eleven-year-old has to contend with makes this an engaging read. Calvin learns a lot about himself and his relationships while he struggles to deal with the realities of life.

The Hate U Give
young adult
The Hate U Give written by Angie Thomas

Starr Carter lives in the black ghetto of Garden Heights but goes to private Williamson High School in a very white suburb. Her being is split between the be-careful-to-show the right Williamson Starr and the slangy ghetto Starr. Her life implodes when her best friend Khalil is shot by a cop.

Girl Rising: Changing the World One Girl at a Time
young adult
Girl Rising: Changing the World One Girl at a Time written by Tanya Lee Stone

Interested in changing the world? Get to know these indomitable girls in third world countries. Learn about their cultures. Marvel at how they overcome child marriages, sometimes with the help of a brother. Be awed by their desire for equality, for their will to be educated. Enjoy the many full color photographs that accompany each of the girls’ stories. Become an activist.

Henry and the Chalk Dragon
middle grade
Henry and the Chalk Dragon written by Jennifer Trafton | illustrated by Benjamin Schipper

Henry, a young boy with an active imagination, draws a chalk dragon on his closet door; when the dragon comes to life and wreaks havoc at his school, Henry has to join forces with his best friend – and get past their disagreements – to get things back to normal.

Dreamland Burning
young adult
Dreamland Burning written by Jennifer Latham

Set in the 1921 Tulsa race riots we follow 17 year old Will who is part Osage Indian and part white, alternating with 17 year old Rowan Chase who is the privileged daughter of a white father and black attorney mother in contemporary Tulsa. Rowan solves the mystery of a 1921 murder that begins in the “back house” of her spiffy home. The reader sees racism of today as well as that of 1921.

A List of Cages
young adult
A List of Cages written by Robin Roe

Adam is the perfect senior, with friends, a big heart and ADHD. Julian is a whipped puppy, sensitive and broken. It seems like Julian doesn’t stand a chance, but with a friend like Adam, so much is possible.

The Sun is Also a Star
young adult
The Sun is Also a Star written by Nicola Yoon

Daniel is already in love with Natasha. Against her will, Natasha is falling for Daniel. He’s the poet. She’s the scientist. Yeah yeah, opposites attract—such a cliché, right? But in Nicola Yoon’s hands it new. Fall in love with Daniel and Natasha.

The Passion of Dolssa
young adult
The Passion of Dolssa written by Julie Berry

This is the story of love and loss of two girls in medieval France. Dolssa has been declared a heretic by a Catholic friar, who is determined she will die by burning. Botille is a tavern keeper living with her sisters and trying to live on the right side of the law. They meet at a dark riverside. Their story is a thriller by the author of the award winning All the Truth That’s In Me.