At our core, we have never left childhood behind. That is most fortunate and essential, I believe, to be able to “tune in and bring forth” compelling children’s stories.

Our inner child is truly a breath away. Our Magical Child, first titled as Joseph Chilton Pearce’s book published in 1977 (the year my oldest daughter was born!), exists in what I would call our spiritual/therapeutic core as the child who is really “beyond trauma”, meaning free to be forever innocent…trusting…safe…endlessly creative…playful…wondering…present.

I continue to do a lot of inner child spiritual and therapeutic work in my Centering Tools™ practice that I have extensively incorporated into writing workshops to unleash creativity and fuel motivation. The “magical child” can be a miraculous partner to jumpstart inspiring manuscript ideas, sustain integrative writing, and bring stories to beautiful completion.

Here’s How to Connect…

Settle back into a comfortable, supported, aligned position, close your eyes, and take five full, deep, easy breaths. With your next several breaths, as you inhale say to yourself the word receive; and as you exhale say to yourself the word release. Imagine your breath becomes more and more automatic, endlessly flowing all around and through you now, a circle without beginning, without end in which you effortlessly float higher and higher, feeling the whole of your life falling far, far beneath you.

You feel so light, your energy now a part of this radiant circle and its infinite flow. As you rise higher, you begin to feel younger…much younger…drawn toward a vision that seems to call you, take shape as it moves you in the wink of an eye closer and closer until it completely envelops you. A child, a beautiful, wise, endlessly creative, open, joyous child surrounds and fills you…is you…You, who it seems has always existed here in this higher universe beyond any particular experience – just being who and what, you sense, you’ve always been at your core.

You and this child – a magical child that exists ever free, envelops you – and you ask this child to show you a story. The story now unfolds as its own journey . . . and you and the child now fully experience this journey, this story, all the way through to its completion. As this occurs, thank the child for all that has unfolded, knowing you can return here whenever you wish, for more stories…as this child is your visionary partner and co-creator.

Once more imagine yourself drawn back into the radiant circle that brought you here, your endlessly flowing breath, knowing these connections stay, and you remember…and begin to flow down and down in these light rhythms, so lightly and freely, until once more you easily return to full waking consciousness and open your eyes.

Record What Happened…

Try drawing pictures as well – a key way to continue to engage your freed inner child. When you’ve finished, staying in your reflective, open space, consider a title for the story and write it on a blank sheet of paper.

Write the Story . . .

…And then as the writer, develop, edit, complete…publish! Continue to “touch in” to your now not-so-silent creative magical young partner and utilize, as you can easily integrate, more related offerings…

Questions? Let me know how you’re doing and developing – and enjoy!!

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Marjorie Baker Price
Marjorie Baker Price writes adult nonfiction self-healing and spiritual development books, as well as children's fables. She is a coach, psychiatric nurse, and hypnotherapist who has been intuiting all her life. Her acclaimed Centering Tools for Self-Healing and Empowerment guided meditation and hypnosis audios unleash creative potential and promote wellness. Learn more about Marjorie!