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Charles Waters is a Children's Poet, Actor and Educator who has performed in schools and universities across the country. His work has appeared in several textbooks and anthologies.

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Every day during National Poetry Month Irene Latham over at her blog Live Your Poem would write a poem a day based on images found in the online collections of The National Gallery of Art. There was a painting of a straw hat, an umbrella and a handbag. I thought about it, wrote it down, rewrote it multiple times, and came up with this poem. I like the Grandma in the poem. Strength is her middle name.

*Image by John Frederick Peto (1854 - 1907)

A Poem…

As Grandma’s faded straw hat, dripping umbrella, and fuchsia dotted handbag

Recover in the foyer, she’s rolling around our home like a hyped up tumbleweed.

Whipping up batter for cookies, yapping on the phone to Mom, feeding Fido

Carrot sticks, all while watching her favorite TV show. “How are you doing all this?”

I ask. “I’m a woman,” she says, “I can handle anything.”