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Rosemary Kiladitis
Rosemary Kiladitis
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Rosemary Kiladitis is a native New Yorker (well, almost – she arrived here at 5 days old, having been born in Hollywood, Florida) and a self-confessed bibliomaniac. She has fond memories of burning out many an Itty Bitty Book Light as a child, reading under the covers well past her bedtime, and loves being able to read by Nook light when everyone else in her house is asleep.

The excitement of rediscovering her childhood favorites – and discovering new favorites! – with her own kids led her to children’s librarianship after a little over a decade in book publishing. She received her Masters in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University in 2013 and is a children’s librarian in the Queens Library system. She loves connecting the right kid with the right book and watching the magic happen, and she loves a good storytime with her littlest readers.

She lives in Queens, New York, with her husband, three kids, and an assortment of pets.

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