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Heather Pallotta has worked as a full time professional artist since 1999. Her work with children’s literature uses playful language to nurture and encourage accompanied by her magical illustrations.

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With a full heart, I am honored to say my children are a source of inspiration for my writing each and every day. Their worlds of whimsy and fancy free nature have influenced my stories and accompanying illustrations. Becoming a mother helped to foster my creativity and through writing children’s stories, I have become even more connected to their playful spirits. A recent life experience forced me to pause and take some months to quiet down and listen. During this time, I wrote and illustrated Ruler of Daffodils.
Ruler of Daffodils

You are the master of the universe.

Queen of cottontails.

Ruler of daffodils and monarch among butterflies.

You create your own destiny,

so rule with kindness and love.

Be as gentle with yourself as with those you are above.

Your thoughts are your creations,

and your actions make them be.

So when you are upset or sad, don’t worry, set it free!

Those feelings will be gone in a blink

Just wiggle your nose, wiggle your toes.

Your world is all roses and puffs of pixie dust.

Remember, little magic-maker baby of mine,


Is all you need.