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Sondra Rymer
Sondra Rymer
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Söndra Rymer is a conceptual photographer and digital illustration artist specializing in children’s fantasy, fairy tales, fiction cover and picture books.

Söndra’s experience includes a degree in Photojournalism and Theatre from Texas A&M University, 12 years managing the photography department for David C Cook Publishing and 8 years running her own photography and art business. She is rather obsessed with elevating photoshop skills and the use of textures, light and color in her scenes!

Söndra’s process begins with storybook sketches, then proceeds to hiring models, planning studio or on location photo shoots, hiring professional seamstresses and prop masters to design, sew the costumes, and create the props. Söndra then proceeds to her photo shoot, post processing / editing, and her digital art illustration work in Photoshop. Söndra is often out searching for unique costumes and props in estate sales or antique shops, or adding captures to her ever growing stock imagery library from which she pulls when creating scenes consisting of more Photoshop layers than the Princess and the Pea had for blankets on her bed.

Once a month on Söndra’s blog she interviews and features the work of another artist / photographer / illustrator whose work she admires in her fantasy / fairy tales / YA / children’s storybook scene. Mostly, Söndra just likes to connect with someone new to chat about how artists live, breath, create and function!

In addition to the links above, you can learn more about Söndra on her Tumblr blog.

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